Kind Words for Our Own Rosemary K.

I am writing to commend Rosemary K. regarding her handling of my mother’s Pharmacy account the past few years.  She is 97 years old and has advanced Alzheimer’s.  As her daughter and POA, I have been handling her affairs for the past almost 6 years since she was placed in her current living facility.

 Back in the beginning of 2018, my mother’s health insurance was erroneously cancelled by the third party used by my mother’s previous employer to process her premiums, which I was paying for her. This started a very long, tedious process on my part, to have the insurance reinstated so my mother’s pharmacy bills would be processed through her insurance provider.  It took nearly a year to go through this process, during which time your employee Rosemary Kammerer consistently and patiently offered professional and compassionate assistance to me throughout the whole ordeal. I was so grateful to her for this.  After this ended, things should have gone forward without issue. But in March/April of 2020, the exact same situation OCCURRED AGAIN, as it had in 2018!!!  This past year, your employee Rosemary Kammerer once again was there for me through this horrendous process!  This was finally rectified a few months ago…for good.  I made sure of that….

 I hope by writing this, that you will realize that you have an exceptional employee with Rosemary K.  She has proven that she cares about REAL PEOPLE and has gone above and beyond the duties of her job prescription with this very grateful person.  She took an awful situation I was faced with, and made it so much more bearable, simply by caring about the people in the situation.  It all worked out in the end, but I feel liberated because someone cared to go deeper than their possible job description, and actually help a family in need.  I hope Rosemary will be compensated for going above and beyond her regular duties and being compassionate for the people she comes in contact with.  

I know I feel blessed to have had Rosemary on my side being supportive, even when she was limited in what she could do.  It made all the difference in my life during a very difficult and stressful time. 

-Debbie V.

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