Upcoming Training Webinar- Proper Diabetes and Asthma Medication Administration

March 30, 2021

Join us Tuesday March 30,2021 for a complimentary webinar training session for diabetes and asthma medication administration. 

Topics Covered:

Management of Diabetes in a Residential Setting

  • Ways to test blood sugar at home- introduction to Dexcom G6. 
  • Administering diabetic medication and medication schedule.
  • What is the best home diabetes test?
  • When should you test?
  • Best practice to keep a daily record of blood glucose reading?
  • What can affect the results?
  • When should you call the nurse or doctor?
  • What is Hypoglycemia?

Guide for Asthma Devices in a Residential Setting

  • How do you use an inhaler step by step?
  • Getting the most out of your inhaler.
  • Cleaning the MDI. 
  • What is the best way to use an inhaler?
  • Spacer devices — Why using Spacers and chambers?
  • Keep track of how much medicine you have and need.
  • Is it okay when a resident’s heart races after using an inhaler?
  • What should I do if a resident is having trouble breathing after using an inhaler?
  • Methods to figure out when you’ll need to get a refill.
  • Special storage, usage reporting procedures, and destruction.
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